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The Story Behind the Pictures

Earlier this week, I posted on our social media platforms these pictures of toilets, hinting to the fact that whilst they may not look exciting, they have a story behind them of how one school has fully refurbished their toilets and have seen great results.

As many of us are aware, getting children to wash their hands thoroughly can be a real struggle. However, one of our schools had an innovative idea to combat this. Pleasant Street Primary School in Liverpool recently went on a school trip and teachers noticed that the children were suddenly very enthusiastic about washing their hands! This was due to the hand wash units which were 3 in 1 (water, soap and hand dryer) and touch free operation which is much more hygienic as opposed to the more traditional wash basins and manual taps. Pleasant Street grabbed this opportunity and got our team to source and install the units in their brand new bathrooms designed and fitted by MPS. Not only do the bathrooms look great, the children now no longer need to be nagged to wash their hands, but look forward to it!

There is certainly no escaping the recent Coronavirus news. Here at MPS, we don’t want to lecture our customers. We appreciate that schools are already well informed by the Public Health and local authorities on all the current advice. We want our role in this pandemic and period of uncertainty to be to support you in any way we can. Whilst hand sanitiser stocks are on a nationwide low, (we have very limited stock) we do have high stocks of all cleaning items and hand washing stock including toilet rolls and hand soaps. You can be rest assured that we are not going to take advantage of our customers by elevating the prices during this uneasy period and with most items stocked, we are able to provide next day delivery on the majority of our products.

You may have seen the advice in the media which is to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice whilst washing hands as this works out to be the correct amount of time we should wash our hands for, but that could get irritating pretty quickly! Is your school using any techniques to encourage pupils to wash their hands? Please share your ideas, we would love to hear them and pass them on!

Read our case study here…

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